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Blank Rome Server Room - Philadelphia, PA


The work involved the expansion of the server room to 1,375 sf.  The project is located on the third floor of the Blank Rome Building, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The project included a feasibility study and design to accommodate the new space. Our report included the server equipment layout options, analysis of the equipment power and sources, and proposed options to provide cooling, including any high density cooling options. The renovations included a design for the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire suppression and fire alarm systems that serve the server room.  Wick Fisher White utilized computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for modeling the air flow and to configure the best equipment and mechanical systems layout.


Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia Data Center - Philadelphia, PA


Wick Fisher White provided a high density cooling solution for the Data Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The Data Center’s raised floor could not handle the air quantities required to cool the blade server cabinets that were being installed by the IT department. These cabinets were spread throughout the 2,500 square foot critical space. Cooling units were installed in the equipment line-ups to supplement the cooling required to satisfy the space. The cooling units are served from a heat exchanger off the main hospital chilled water system. The blade server cabinets reject approximately 12 kW of heat each. The APC chilled water in row cooling units was placed in the areas of the increased heat loads. The APC solution was recommended from a previous study completed by WFW where we indicated that the air distribution was not adequate to satisfy the increased load.


Comcast Corporation Headquarters Data Center - Philadelphia, PA

As part of the tenant fit-out of Comcast’s new 1,100,000 sf hi-rise headquarters in Philadelphia, PA Wick Fisher White designed the necessary system layout for the new data center.  Comcast’s data center is 1,300 sf and utilizes new overhead refrigerant cooling technology.  The data center services all of Comcast’s 56 floors of the facility located at 1701 JFK Boulevard in Philadelphia, PA.  The X-treme density heat removal system is designed to address higher heat loads.  The movable modules can be placed in hot spots and is great in a constantly changing environment.  The refrigerant chiller distributes the refrigerant to cooling modules directly above the racks.  This data center is unique due to its size and location within the building.

U.S. Cellular - Mobile Telephone Switching Centers - Various Locations

Wick Fisher White provided a design prototype for a typical Mobile Telephone Switching Centers (MTSO) to be built throughout the nation for U.S. Cellular Corporation. 


WFW provided engineer design services for the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection building systems for two of the sites.These new mission critical facilities are located in Nashua, New Hampshire and Augusta, Maine.


The facilities included critical switching, data, battery rooms and support spaces.The design included air cooled chillers, switchgear, DDC controls, clean agent suppression systems, emergency generators and redundant mechanical and electrical systems.


In addition WFW provided the commissioning services on these projects with written functional test procedures, observation of functional testing and issues log with a final report to US Cellular

Verizon Data Center - Madison, NJ

Wick Fisher White took the lead with engineer design services for Verizon to assist the renovation of a 3-story, 225,000 sf computer data center in to office space, a Network Operations Center, a downsized Data Center, and many infrastructure upgrades.  WFW created a master plan for the building that was to be renovated over several years and consolidated several different Verizon groups to the building.  Design included all total space renovations, ADA upgrades, new built-up HVAC systems including Automatic Temperature Control systems, major modifications to the chilled water system including a new chiller, new perimeter radiation, UPS, fire alarm, and power and lighting systems.  We revised the sprinkler systems in the building to include a wet sprinkler system and five double interlocked pre-action systems.  Design was completed to meet Verizon’s fast tracked schedules and provided for minimal building system shut-downs. Construction administration services included functional testing of the mechanical systems and controls to ensure operations and reliability.

We continue to do work for Verizon providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineer services for their fiber to the premises (FTTP) projects, infrastructure upgrades, standby generator projects, feasibility studies and more.

Verizon Telecom Equipment Building - Camden, NJ

WFW designed an upgrade of the electrical infrastructure for Verizon-NJ at the Camden Central Office and Camden 2 Central Office. These two telecommunication equipment buildings are adjoining 100,000 square feet buildings in downtown Camden, NJ.

The design included upgrade of the commercial power systems in each building, including three new 480V, 4000A switchboards. Each new switchboard will have commercial and standby power buses and automatically operated transfer breaker pairs to transfer distribution panel feeders between buses to ensure connection of all loads to an available source. All controls, alarms and monitoring computer controlled.

The design also included three new 2000 kW standby diesel generators and new paralleling switchgear to be installed in a penthouse expansion. The new standby power distribution system will implement N+1 generator redundancy, including capacity to support the Camden and Camden 2 CO loads and future load projections. Redundant feeders will be provided to each switchboard and to telephone equipment loads downstream for added redundancy.

Verizon Wireless Data Center - Branchburg, NJ

WFW provided the mechanical, electrical and fire protection design for a 4000 sq.ft. data center for Verizon Wireless in their Branchburg, NJ office. To support the data center, the electric service was upgraded. The power system is backed up by two redundant 750 kW diesel generators, and two parallel redundant 500 kVA UPS units. Cooling is performed by (5) DX computer room air conditioning units (one redundant) with air distribution from a raised floor plenum. Fire protection includes double interlock pre-action sprinkler system and FM-200 suppression. Power room ventilation designed to satisfy NFPA requirements.

Verizon Wireless Network Equipment Center - Southlake, TX

Wick Fisher White designed the mechanical, electrical, fire protection and plumbing systems for a 180,000 sf building for Verizon Wireless in Southlake, TX, which accommodated a 18,000 sf network operating center, a 20,000 sf data center, a 10,000 sf mobile switching center, and administrative space.  A master plan of the building was completed with provisions so that it could be expanded to 368,000 sf in the future. The building has dual 25 kV electric service from separate substations, eight 2 MW generators, 2,575 kVA redundant UPS capacity, and redundant feeders. Cooling is performed mostly from four 500-ton water-cooled chillers in N+1 redundancy and cooling towers. The fire protection design included wet sprinklers, double-interlocked pre-action sprinklers and FM-200 suppression. Fire detection included spot type detectors and air sampling smoke detectors.

Since 2002, we have continuously worked in the building expanding the chilled water plant, generator systems, UPS, DC Power Plants, building addition to the MSC wing and smaller projects like the ARC Flash coordination studies, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling.

Verizon Wireless Network Equipment Center - Branchburg, NJ

Wick Fisher White was responsible for the mechanical, electrical and fire protection design to support the expansion of the existing Verizon NEC building, located at 145 Chubb Way, Branchburg Township, NJ. Included in the scope of the project was to design an expansion of the existing facility to the south within a 51,605 sf footprint, creating a total site building footprint of 162,070 sf. New spaces within the expansion included approximately 22,412 sf of NEC Data Center space located on the second floor, a first floor of the expansion with mechanical rooms, battery rooms, electrical rooms, secure/service corridors, and a relocated shipping and receiving area. A partial basement level was also included for dedicated mechanical equipment. This project required extensive phasing details to keep the existing loading dock active during construction activities.

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U.S. Cellular - Mobile Telephone Switching Centers
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