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Lights of Liberty - Philadelphia, PA

The Liberty 360 show in the PECO Theater was Philadelphia’s first high definition, 3D, 360° attraction that showed the history of the City of Philadelphia.  The theater opened in the fall of 2010 and consisted of a three ft high platform, in a 50 ft diameter space, enclosed by an 8 ft high screen, having the capacity to entertain up to 60 guests at a time.  Wick Fisher White provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and structural design services to support the design team’s vision of this high tech tourist attraction. In addition to the theater itself, the design included retail space, box office and information desks, restrooms, and an audiovisual area housing critical 24/7 computer equipment.  WFW also provided aid to the contractor in the design of several major design build elements including the design of the screen/drum enclosure and the structural support of the main AV equipment ring above the theater.

Morey's Piers - Wildwood, NJ

Energy Audit

Wick Fisher White conducted an energy audit for the Morey’s Amusement Piers in Wildwood, NJ. The audit consisted of a study of the existing systems and buildings on four piers to determine methods for reducing energy costs. WFW evaluated possible energy conservation measures (ECM’S), equipment efficiency upgrades, operational conditions, energy rate structure changes and possible government assistance programs.

Wind Power Study

Wick Fisher White performed a study to determine the feasibility of installing a wind turbine at Morey’s Amusement Piers in Wildwood, NJ. We evaluated environmental conditions, facility power needs, equipment options for the two major amusement piers. We determined that a wind turbine would be feasible and would have an attractive simple payback, not to mention would reduce energy consumption by the equivalent of 5,300 barrels of crude oil per year. Pending the outcome of current legislation, WFW will be moving into the design phase of this project in the near future.

National Constitution Center Bill of Rights Gallery - Philadelphia, PA

Wick Fisher White was engaged to design the mechanical, electrical and plumbing for the renovations to the National Constitution Center in order to accommodate a display gallery for one of the thirteen original copies of the Bill of Rights, shared between New York and Pennsylvania.

Specifically the project included renovations to Signers Hall and the creation of a tightly controlled and secured viewing and support room for the historical document.  The design included a rooftop ac unit for Posterity Hall, and a smaller 100% redundant “mission critical" style HVAC treatment of the document support room. The temperature and humidity requirements had specific rate of rise and tolerances. The project was located at 525 Arch Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and encompasses approximately 4,300 sf of space. WFW also provided lighting design, lighting controls and fire protection sprinkler system modifications.

WFW provided commissioning for the new HVAC systems installed for the Bill of Rights document viewing room as well as the document support room. The document support room is required to be maintained at a very stable 68°F with 45% 24 hours a day, seven days per week. This required high end equipment with precision controls. WFW prepared pre-commissioning check-list to assure the equipment was installed per the contract documents, and met the design intended. WFW also prepared a functional test of the controls, to verify the proper reaction to changing conditions. These services included logging the temperature and humidity for a period of time to ensure the New York Public Library that the documents would be kept in safe environmental conditions.

National Constitution Center Exhibit Galleries - Philadelphia, PA


Over the years, Wick Fisher White has renovated many exhibit galleries for the National Constitution Center. Generally on each project approximately 2,500 - 5,000 square feet of space was reconfigured in an extremely short time period to accommodate the new exhibits. Mechanical, electrical and fire protection design included modifications to the lighting and lighting controls, electrical power grids for connection to exhibits, life safety devices, fire alarm devices and exit signage. Minor alterations to the HVAC systems included the addition of humidifiers to maintain critical environmental conditions for the artifacts.  Specific renovated exhibits included the following:

  • Bill of Rights
  • America I am
  • Napoleon
  • Diana
  • Rome
  • American Soldier
  • Enemy Within



Philadelphia Flyers - Practice Facility - Voorhees, NJ

In 2013 Wick Fisher White provided MEP design and construction administration services for the partial renovation of the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, New Jersey, the practice facility of the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers.  The project included the full renovation of the clubhouse area, including the team locker rooms, equipment rooms, video rooms, medical suite, hydrotherapy room, showers, dining room/kitchen, trainer offices and coach’s suite. The project was completed in two phases during the spring and summer, and construction was completed in time for the start of the 2013/2014 hockey season. 

A primary engineering challenge of the project was maintaining consistent and comfortable humidity levels in the locker room. Prior to the renovation, the team equipment managers were forced to manually overheat the locker room after practices to reduce the humidity in the space to acceptable levels. This problem was overcome with the design of a state of the art dehumidification system, integrated with the space air conditioning through new automatic controls.

Race Street Pier (Pier 11) Renovations - Philadelphia, PA

Wick Fisher White provided electrical engineer services for the design and construction of the Pier 11 renovations in Philadelphia. The project includes renovations to the pier, which was originally constructed in 1901.  Over the course 100 years the pier had been abandoned and fallen into disrepair since its original use as an entertainment pier. The renovations restored it for use as an active public park that was renamed Race Street Pier.

There were several engineering challenges, including construction of a steel structure on the pier to mimic a natural landscape. The electrical engineering included illumination and power systems for a complicated exterior environment, which required concealing or integrating electrical services into the fabricated landscape. The highlights of the electrical systems included the use of custom fabricated handrail with LED lighting and architectural accent lighting for all the public areas.

Saint Gobain Exhibit - Eakins Oval - Philadelphia, PA

In celebration of its 350 year anniversary, the Paris based company Saint Gobain, which owns building products subsidiary CertainTeed, launched an exhibition tour that started in Shanghai in January 2015, traveled to Sao Paulo, before landing in Philadelphia between May 30 and June 6, 2015. The final stop is Paris in October, 2015. The exhibit in Philadelphia was at Eakins Oval Park, right across from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The tour consisted of four pavilions to reflect the diversity of Saint-Gobain’s product portfolio, which spans drywall to electrochromic glazing, while incorporating glass, mirrors, and acoustic paneling among the 26 of its building products that are used in the exhibition. Each installation weighed between 22 and 55 tons and measured from 13 ft to 32 ft in height.

The fifth pavilion, which was added solely for the Philadelphia stop, featured a 360 degree video history of the company and its products shown inside a dome structure.

Wick Fisher White designed the temporary power distribution for the five pavilions, as well as support trailers, restroom trailers, staff and catering tent, VIP tent, food trucks, beer garden, lemonade stand, and radio stations. The four pavilions from the tour were supported by two 200 kW generators, as they were built in Europe and needed to run on European voltage and frequency. The two generators ran in synchronization with 100% redundancy. The fifth pavilion was supported by another pair of 200 kW generators in parallel. The rest of the power need was supported by commercial power available from the Eakins Oval Park.

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