Featured Commissioning Projects

777 South Broad Street - Philadelphia, PA

WFW worked with the design and construction team to provide commissioning services for building systems in order to secure LEED certification.  777 South Broad Street is the city’s first LEED certified multifamily mixed use building. The five-story project, developed by Dranoff Properties includes 18,835 sf of ground level shops and restaurants; a 157-car secure, gated parking lot; and 146 one- and two- bedroom luxury loft apartments. 777 South Broad Street was unique among mixed use developments for its emphasis on sustainability. The project has received LEED Silver Certification.

Aria Health- Torresdale Campus - Philadelphia, PA

Wick Fisher White developed a retro commissioning and new commissioning plan for the new Heart Center located in the Pavillion Building at the Aria Hospital - Torresdale Campus. Testing protocols were established from information gathered through meetings, field tests, review of construction documents, review of operation and maintenance manuals, and site visits. Our report documented all activities during the commissioning process and the results obtained during the process. Aria Hospitals will use the commissioning document as a point of reference for future facility operation and maintenance services, since it contains the baseline performance data for all systems installed to serve the Heart Center.

GlaxoSmithKline - Upper Merion, PA

Building 3 Air Handling Units

Wick Fisher White performed the commissioning for two new redundant 85 ton, 100% outside air, air handling systems that serve a vivarium area at GlaxoSmithKline’s Research & Development facility. The system’s control requirements were very complex with stringent tolerances for temperature, humidity and air change rates. The system utilized existing air-to-air heat exchangers to conserve energy.  This project occupied several months of testing to complete due to the complexity, limited access and criticality of the areas it serves. WFW worked with the control contractor to identify issues and assisted to resolve them in a timely manner.

Building 26 Air Handling Units

Wick Fisher White commissioned the air handling units serving the critical LAS building for GSK. WFW developed the commissioning plan that spelled out for the owner what they could expect from all involved parties. WFW prepared construction check lists which were used to verify all equipment that arrived on the job site were as specified and not damaged. Functional checklists were performed based on the design engineers requirements and functional tests were performed on all equipment to insure that it functioned in accordance with the owner’s and engineer‘s requirements. Pressure differential relationships were performed to keep critical areas clean from debris. 100% outside air systems were utilized in the critical floor. At the conclusion, this complex HVAC system that included multiple air handlers, heat exchangers and individual constant volume temperature control boxes for each space, performed exactly as the design engineer had intended.

Building 21, 24 and 28 Retro-Cx 

Wick Fisher White performed the retro-commissioning for the Upper Merion Campus control valve replacement project located in the Pharmaceutical Research Buildings 21, 24 and 28. These buildings are used for critical research work with labs consisting of chemical and cell sciences, medicinal chemistry and synthetic chemistry. The work was focused on the chilled water and hot water valves for the associated air handling units serving laboratory spaces. WFW and GSK determined in the planning phase that many of the two way valves were passing water when closed, requiring additional heating to compensate for passing chilled water valves and additional cooling to compensate for passing hot water valves. The investigation phase work began involving the assistance of a balancing contractor, to check for any flow through closed valves based upon a representative sample of the air handling units. WFW documented the results in a basis of design for the project, which included modified sequences of operation.  Design responsibilities for the project included the writing of functional test procedures for testing. WFW was present for all testing and assisted in the verification of proper valve control.

HOK - Office Fit-out - Philadelphia, PA

Wick Fisher White provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design services for the fit-out of 8,800 square feet of space on the 15th floor of One Logan Square in the Center City Philadelphia for HOK, an architectural services provider with offices located throughout the United States. The fit-out space included a reception area, open and enclosed office space, conference rooms, a telepresence room, and an employee break room. Construction was completed in the spring of 2015.  The project achieved LEED Silver Certification, through the implementation of several design strategies to improve energy efficiency and maintain a healthy work environment.  In addition to providing design services, Wick Fisher White served as the project’s commissioning agent. 

Hudson County Community College - North Hudson Higher Education Center - Union City, NJ

Hudson County constructed a new 92,000 sf, seven story building to serve as their North Hudson Community College Campus. Wick Fisher White was retained to commission the HVAC systems and the lighting and photovoltaic system. The HVAC commissioning involved writing the test procedures based on the engineer’s requirements and the functional testing of the building automation system; the central chiller and boiler plant; seven roof top air handling units and associated variable air volume boxes and many smaller supply and exhaust systems. The lighting systems were checked for proper illumination levels, and the occupied /unoccupied timers were checked so that the occupancy sensors and daylight sensors all operated per design. The photovoltaic systems were checked to ensure that their actual electrical output matched their advertised rating. At the conclusion of our testing all systems were operating in accordance with the owner’s and engineer’s requirements.

Hudson County Community College Library - Jersey City, NJ

Hudson County Community College constructed a new six story multifunctional library building.  The new facility is an integral part of the College’s expansion program. The library building was designed and built with sustainable, energy efficient mechanical and electrical systems. WFW performed the commissioning of these systems.

Six high efficiency roof top units with energy recovery wheels provided conditioned air to each floor along with a central condensing boiler plant that provided hot water for heating. Every individual space in the building had a dedicated VAV with heating coil for precise climate and ventilation control in each room. Monitoring and control of this system was accomplished by the central building automation system.

The commissioning process performed by WFW ensured that the systems were accurately calibrated and the central systems with each individual VAV box operated as designed. WFW also provided enhanced commissioning at this location and the two LEED points awarded for this enhanced commissioning enabled to the building to attain LEED Silver status.


Lincoln Financial Field - Philadelphia, PA

The HVAC systems that support the stadium’s state-of-the-art amenities and services are critical to creating and sustaining a relaxing and enjoyable environment for the fans.  That’s why the Philadelphia Eagles contracted Wick Fisher White to provide commissioning services for the stadium’s newly installed heating and closed circuit cooling systems.  As commissioning agent, WFW was responsible for ensuring that the equipment and systems performed as intended.  Our scope of services included: 

  • Creation of testing and commissioning plan
  • Review and approval of contractors’ equipment and system startup procedures
  • Creation of pre-functional and functional performance test requirements
  • Functional performance testing
  • Commissioning action list (issues to be addressed by design and construction team
  • Verification of contractor closeout requirements (training, warrantees, O&M manuals, record drawings, etc. 



National Constitution Center - Philadelphia, PA

Retro Cx

The National Constitution Center engaged Wick Fisher White to perform retro-commissioning of existing building systems for its main facility located on Independence Mall in Philadelphia, PA. A chilled water plant, boiler plant and 11 air handling units and associated systems were included within the scope of work. A plan was developed to document the equipment and all system functions including a sequence of operations. WFW then created testing procedures and directed building personnel in performance of functional testing. All results were documented to note system issues and deficiencies. We set a priority list for tasks required to be repaired. Code issues were priority number 1 to installing VFD’s for better control. The goals were to improve control, comfort and energy efficiency of the building systems and these were all successfully achieved. 

Bill of Rights Exhibit

Wick Fisher White provided commissioning services for the new HVAC systems installed for the Bill of Rights document viewing room as well as the document support room. The project space was approximately 1,050 sf.  The document support room was required to be maintained at a very stable 68°F with 45% 24 hours a day, seven days per week. This required high end equipment with precision controls.  Wick Fisher White prepared pre-commissioning check-lists to assure the equipment was installed per the contract documents and met the design intended. WFW also prepared a functional test of the controls to verify the proper reaction to changing conditions.



Philadelphia Police, SWAT, Bomb Squad and K9 Facility - Philadelphia, PA

This project involved a new multiuse facility that was designed to be highly energy efficient.  This included geothermal heat pumps throughout which provided heating and cooling and also high efficiency fluorescent and LED fixtures that provided interior and exterior lighting.  Wick Fisher White was retained to commission the mechanical/electrical systems to ensure the new energy efficient systems operated as per the engineer’s intent and to confirm the systems were operating at peak efficiency.  WFW provided an expanded operations and maintenance manual that included detailed operating instructions specific to the actual equipment installed and training for the operations personnel and also made periodic visits to the site over the next year to ensure the initial energy usage was maintained. In addition WFW was involved in the process of obtaining a LEED Gold rating for the facility which was successful. 

TD Bank New Branch Building - Roxborough, PA

WFW commissioned the mechanical and electrical systems for the new TD Bank branch located in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia, PA. The systems that were commissioned included the building automation system, the roof mounted heat pumps and energy recovery unit, eight fan coil units, and a photovoltaic and programmable lighting system. 

The commissioning process ensured that the systems were operating as intended.  WFW also offered suggestions on how this “standard” design could be implemented at other TD Bank branches for improved performance.   

U.S. Cellular - Mobile Telephone Switching Centers - Various Locations

Wick Fisher White provided a design prototype for a typical Mobile Telephone Switching Centers (MTSO) to be built throughout the nation for U.S. Cellular Corporation. 


WFW provided engineer design services for the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection building systems for two of the sites.These new mission critical facilities are located in Nashua, New Hampshire and Augusta, Maine.


The facilities included critical switching, data, battery rooms and support spaces.The design included air cooled chillers, switchgear, DDC controls, clean agent suppression systems, emergency generators and redundant mechanical and electrical systems.


In addition WFW provided the commissioning services on these projects with written functional test procedures, observation of functional testing and issues log with a final report to US Cellular

Verizon / Bell Atlantic Projects - Philadelphia, PA

Before commissioning was an official buzzword in the commercial construction industry, it was already a part of our scope of work on many projects. Quality review, basis of design, and functional testing were performed on all projects for Bell Atlantic which is now Verizon. WFW did not document the same as today but meeting minutes would be submitted for review with action items, a detailed basis of design would be given for each room and the sequence of operation would be read to the contractors for a run through of the systems.  Detailed notes would also be given with any issues that needed to be fixed.   As commissioning became more formalized in the early 2000's, WFW implemented up to date practices and procedures. Total commissioned space for Verizon is over 1,000,000 sf.

Verizon Wireless - Southlake, TX

Wick Fisher White developed the commissioning protocols and performed commissioning for a 180,000 square foot facility in Southlake, Texas. The facility consisted of 15 air handling systems, 1000 ton chilled water plant, smoke exhaust and FM-200 purge. The work involved creating a 80 page document for use by the commissioning team to use for test and acceptance by the owner. The document listed the task to do, what should happen and remarks section to write what actually happened. Along with the mechanical systems, we commissioned the emergency generators, UPS, fire protection and fire alarm systems.

Commissioning Clients

777 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA

LEED Silver

Aria Health- Torresdale Campus
Philadelphia, PA

Upper Merion, PA

HOK - Office Fit-out
Philadelphia, PA

LEED Silver

Hudson County
State of NJ

Building 77 Commissioning

Hudson County Community College - North Hudson Higher Education Center
Union City, NJ

Hudson County Community College Library
Jersey City, NJ

LEED Silver

Lincoln Financial Field
Philadelphia, PA

National Constitution Center
Philadelphia, PA

National Constitution Center
Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Police, SWAT, Bomb Squad and K9 Facility
Philadelphia, PA


TD Bank New Branch Building
Roxborough, PA

U.S. Cellular - Mobile Telephone Switching Centers
Various Locations

Verizon / Bell Atlantic Projects
Philadelphia, PA

Verizon Wireless
Southlake, TX

Verizon Wireless
Greenville, SC

Verizon Wireless
Branchburg, NJ

Verizon Wireless
Taunton, MA

MSC Commissioning

Verizon Wireless
Wall Township, NJ

Roof Mounted PV System