Pay For Performance

We are proud to announce that Wick Fisher White has met all of the criteria required to become an Approved Partner in New Jersey’s Clean Energy Pay for Performance Program.

Pay for Performance, the newest offering from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, rewards larger commercial and industrial customers who comprehensively upgrade their facilities through investments in energy efficiency. This ground-breaking program offers up to 3 million dollars in incentives to customers whose facilities have an average annual peak electric demand over 200 kW. The more energy you save, the larger the incentive and the lower your utility costs.

Wick Fisher White’s acceptance into the Pay for Performance partner network is in recognition of our dedication to energy efficient technologies and experience incorporating these technologies into existing facilities. As an approved Partner and your Energy Expert, we will strive to ensure that you benefit from every opportunity afforded by the Pay for Performance Program.

Contact us today to learn more. We'll develop a customized Energy Reduction Plan to identify the energy efficiency opportunities in your facilities as a first step toward helping you reduce energy consumption and utility costs.

With guidance from Wick Fisher White, you now have the power to save. For more information visit