Wick Fisher White is proud to be recognized by EPA Energy Star program as an official service and product provider.

Wick Fisher White believes building owners and operators can realize substantial benefits by continually improving their energy resource management and implementation processes, while providing an environmental impact by reducing energy-related pollution. In support of this belief, WFW is proud to offer services that can assist businesses committed to similar goals, including Energy Star labeling.

EPA has established the Energy Star Label program for buildings. It offers building owners and managers an opportunity to identify their building performance on a scale relative to other similar buildings across the country. The rating is established through the benchmarking process in Energy Star Portfolio Manager. A score of 75 on a scale of 1 to 100 qualifies the building for recognition with an Energy Star Label. Once validated by an Professional Engineer, the building application can be finalized and submitted to EPA for final approval.

Wick Fisher White is experienced in the Energy Star labeling process and can assist building owners and managers in the benchmarking, validation and application process. WFW can expand on those services to help identify capital improvements and make recommendations for energy efficient operations and maintenance practices that will help you achieve this important goal.

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